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Date: June 17th 2017

1. Carney Plastics has advised me of a retail price increase to take effect on July 3. If you have been considering purchasing a display case from Carney, now is the time to do so before prices rise an average of $5 to $7 per case. I have each and every one of their cases listed at the website; in addition to display cases for diecast cars Carney also sells cases for Beanie Babies, model railroad items, and sports memorabilia. Click here ​to view the assortment of cases offered by Carney Plastics.

Each case is custom made and drop shipped directly to the customer from the Carney plant in Ohio. I personally own a couple of these cases and can vouch for their excellent quality and workmanship.

2. Below are pre-production photos of cars to be released in the summer by Greenlight:

1/43rd scale Atlanta, Georgia Police Ford Crown Victoria (from the TV Series The Walking Dead)

United States Postal Service Long-Life Postal Delivery Vehicle (LLV)

Blank white Long-Life Postal Delivery Vehicle

3. A new 1/43rd custom is available; see photo below. Click here ​to view and order this new custom car.

Custom Nashville, Tennessee Metro Police 2015 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan (four different vehicle numbers available.)

4. New items will be arriving from Greenlight in the next 2-3 weeks. Included are:

Department of Homeland Security Ford F-250 Pickup Truck with boat on trailer

FDNY 2016 Ford Police Interceptor with Special Operations Trailer

5. I am now offering 1/24th scale custom cars with working lights. These customs are made with the recently released MotorMax blank cars. These cars come with factory installed lights, including strobes in the headlights and taillights as well as a working lightbar with red and blue flashers. There is also a working siren with two different siren tones. Click here ​to view and order these new customs. More cars will be added in the coming months.

PLEASE NOTE - I am getting more and more bounces and returned emails when I send out my email blasts. Make certain that when you change your email address you also change the address with the Conroy's Cruisers Mailing List. If needed, I am happy to make the change for you. Effective immediately, any email address which bounces after 3 consecutive email blasts will be deleted.

Many thanks as always!

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