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Date: April 1st 2017

1. I am still accepting customer interest surveys for Greenlight items to be released in April/May/June 2017. Several item photos have been added to the survey. Click the link below to take this survey:

Click here for survey - Greenlight releases scheduled for delivery in April/May/June 2017

2. Greenlight has released a rendering of the Las Vegas, Nevada Metro DuraStar Ambulance to be released as part of H-D Trucks Series 9. This unit will be released in July:

Las Vegas, Nevada Metro DuraStar Ambulance (part of Greenlight H-D Trucks Series 9 to be released in July)

3. Greenlight has released photos of deco samples for the following items from Hitch and Tow Series 10:

Department of Homeland Security Ford F-250 Pickup Truck with boat on trailer

FDNY 2016 Ford Police Interceptor with Special Operations Trailer

4. IMPORTANT - Conroy's Cruisers will be away starting this Wednesday, April 5 and return on or about Monday, May 1. Family comes first for us and we will be spending some of our time with relatives who are or have been ailing. Any orders received during my absence will be processed on my return; Bilbozo Decal orders will be processed as normal. I will have my laptop with me in case news should break while we're away. Orders received between now and Tuesday night will be mailed before I leave on Wednesday. Thanks ahead of time for your understanding in this matter.

Many thanks as always!

Conroy's Cruisers

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