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Any item listed here is currently sold out.

$11.95z-m-uscghum&boat SOLD OUT - U.S. Coast Guard Hummer, Trailer and Boat (pictured)
$1.00zz-$1-chagrin falls SOLD OUT - Chagrin Falls, OH Police Patch (pictured)
$1.00zz-$1-collier-032 SOLD OUT - Collier County S.O., FL (pictured)
$2.99zz-*001 SOLD OUT - Portland, OR 1998 Ford
$2.79zz-*004 SOLD OUT - Baton Rouge, LA - Road Champ Chevy
$2.99zz-*005 SOLD OUT - Alaska State Police 1996 Chevy
$2.99zz-*007 SOLD OUT - Augusta, GA 1997 Ford
$2.69zz-*009 SOLD OUT - OPP - Ontario Provincial Police Road Champ FCV
$2.89zz-*011 SOLD OUT - Montgomery, AL 1998 Ford
$2.89zz-*012 SOLD OUT - West Virginia 1996 Chevy
$2.89zz-*013 SOLD OUT - North Dakota 1996 Ford
$2.49zz-*016 SOLD OUT - Sacramento, CA - Road Champ Chevy
$2.89zz-*017 SOLD OUT - Chicago Caps Police 1997 Chevy
$2.79zz-*018 SOLD OUT - Mississippi State Police 1996 Ford
$2.99zz-*020 SOLD OUT - Oklahoma State Police 1996 Chevy
$2.99zz-*022 SOLD OUT - OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) 1997 Ford
$2.89zz-*023 SOLD OUT - Lousiana State Police Road Champ FCV (pictured)
$2.99zz-*029 SOLD OUT - Wyoming State Police 1996 Ford
$2.99zz-*030 SOLD OUT - New Jersey State Police 1996 Chevy
$2.99zz-*031 SOLD OUT - US Park Police 1996 Ford
$2.99zz-*032 SOLD OUT - Montana State Police 1997 Ford - by Road Champs (pictured)
$2.89zz-*033 SOLD OUT - Green Bay, WI Ford
$2.99zz-*036 SOLD OUT - Arizona State Police 1996 Chevy
$2.99zz-*038 SOLD OUT - Wyoming State Police Ford
$2.99zz-*039 SOLD OUT - New Mexico 1957 Ford
$2.69zz-*041 SOLD OUT - Charlston, WV Ford
$2.59zz-*042 SOLD OUT - Nebraska State Police Ford
$2.69zz-*043 SOLD OUT - Salt Lake, UT PD
$2.99zz-*044 SOLD OUT - Texas Public Safety Department 1996 Chevy
$2.79zz-*045 SOLD OUT - Kansas State Police 1957 Ford

$19.95zz-cu-rc-rockwalltx-bh SOLD OUT - Rockwall, TX PD Road Champs FCV Custom (pictured)
$10.00zz-cu-sale-uofa-wd SOLD OUT - University of Albany PD Gearbox Custom FCV (pictured)
$26.95zz-fr-tah-illinois SOLD OUT - Illinois State Police 2011 Chevy Tahoe - by First Response (pictured)

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