1/18th scale customs
1/18th scale customs, various types of cars

1/24th scale customs with working lights
Category includes 1/24th scale custom cars with working lights. Customs in this category are made with the MotorMax 1/24th scale cars with factory installed working lights and sirens.

1/24th scale customs
1/24th scale customs, various types of cars. Most come from the catalog of texaspolicecarmodels.com.

1/43rd scale customs
This page shows all custom made police cars for sale on this website. Custom made means that the car has not been mass produced by any manufacturer. As a result, someone has had decals made, has taken a diecast car and has outfitted the car with the decals to match that of the specific agency. Decals can be made different ways, most custom makers use waterslide or vinyl. Custom cars take time, patience a steady hand and a good work effort to produce a quality reproduction. Custom cars are normally higher priced due to a limited quantity plus individual labor necessary to produce these one car at a time. I pledge not to exceed a $19.95 for any custom car sold on this website if it is on a Road Champ or Hongwell body. If the car is made on a Gearbox or MotorMax body, the price will not exceed $21.99! (Gearbox and MotorMax blanks cost more then Road Champ and Hongwells)

1:64 Scale Cars
Click here to see a variety of 1:64 scale cars. Some cars will be new, some will be used. Each car description will specify the condition of each car for sale.

500+ car Road Champs Collection
Click here to see a very comprehensive Road Champs collection acquired from a collector in Pennsylvania. Cars that sell will be removed on the day they sell. Cars being added beginning April 24, 2013.

Announcement - July 25, 2012
Click here to read an important announcement dated July 25, 2012

10 new items a day will be added to this page beginning on October 20, 2011. I have a total of 800 new items to list so please keep checking every day or so for new items. As items sell, they will be removed.

Blank Cars
BLANK FIRST RESPONSE CARS are located on the First Response Car Pages.

These are Blank Cars that can be used for making custom cars.

I try to carry blank cars that are currently available from all of the companies I deal with.

Currently in stock as of February 2014 are: Gearbox White FCVs, Motormax 1:18 and 1:24 scale Fords, White 1:43 scale older Tahoes and Hummers. White Redbox 1:43 scale Fords.

The Blank Gearbox cars have the same features as all Gearbox cars made for all the State, City and Premier editions.

Prices vary from $5.00 to $24.99 depending on the make and scale.

Click here to see the law enforcement bobbleheads in stock.

CODE 3 Cruisers
Click here to see the 1:24 scale Code 3 Cruisers in stock.

Cars by the Case
Purchase the same car in quantity and receive a great price. Anything that is available in bulk is listed right here. Click to see what is available.

Classic Metal Works
Click here to take a look at Classic Metal Works 1:24 scale Police Cruisers.

Collector's Miniature Pins
Click here to see miniature badges and pins for sale.

Contest Page
Click here to see all of the details on current and past contests and prizes given away on this website.

Decals by Bilbozo
BILL SMITH'S DECALS (all $12.50 per sheet decals) CAN BE MADE IN 1/18th, 1/24th, and 1/43rd SCALE. 1/64th scale decals are available. Contact me directly for information about those.

PLEASE NOTE - ALL orders for Bilbozo decals are sent to Bill the same day they are received. They are shipped from his address in Canada. Normal turnaround time is 10-14 days.

Please be aware that Bilbozo decals should only be used on white or light colored cars. They will not be visible if applied to dark colored cars.


Click here to go to all of the decals I have for sale. These are used to customize blank cars.

These are waterslide decals made by Bill Smith of Bilbozo Decals. I do not carry these in stock.

Overseas customers please note: On April 1, 2014 Canada Post imposed significant rate hikes on postage for items shipped outside of North America. For example, postage for 2 sheets of decals to Europe now costs $20.30. These rate hikes make it financially difficult for Bill Smith, owner of Bilbozo, to ship directly to customers overseas.

To provide better service for our friends overseas, we have made the decision to change the way we will handle shipment of Bilbozo decals to these customers. We have determined it is actually less expensive to have the decals sent to me, and then I forward them overseas.

Effective 10 May 2014, I request that all overseas customers wanting to order Bilbozo decals contact me first with their order information, i.e. what decals they wish to order and in what scale. I will then figure shipping costs and send the customer a PayPal invoice for the order. When payment is received, the order will be immediately transmitted to Bilbozo who will then process the order and ship it to me. I will then ship the decals to our overseas customers.

Bill and I understand this process will result in increased wait time for overseas decal orders as well as increased shipping costs. However, both of us realize there is considerable interest in Bill's decals around the world and we simply did not want to disappoint any of his loyal customers because of a decision made beyond his control. These changes does NOT in any way affect sales of Bilbozo Decals in the United States; orders for those will continue to be processed as they always have.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need clarification of this new ordering process.

Decals in Stock
These decals are in stock and ship immediately.

Display Cases
Brand new item category beginning August 24, 2009. All cases are made by Carney Plastics and are dropped shipped directly from the factory straight to you. Click here to take you to all the items, once on that page, click on the specific item to see all of the details.

Orders may be placed starting on August 24, 2009.

Cars and other items shown inside cases are for display purposes only and are not included in sale of case or purchase price.

First Response Replicas cars
Click here to see all categories of First Response Replicas cars.

PLEASE NOTE - First Response Replicas ceased production in May 2016. Stocks of those cars will sell quickly. If you have had your eye on a particular First Response car, NOW is the time to buy it before it's gone forever!

Free Gift
Click hear to see check out special offers!

Gearbox Collectibles Cars
Click here to see all categories of Gearbox Collectibles police cars.

Greenlight - Hot Pursuit Series
Click here to see the Greenlight - Hot Pursuit 1:64 scale PD Cruisers.

Greenlight - Muscle/Garage/Black Bandit/Misc Cars
This section of products contains BRAND NEW Greenlight 1:64 scale cars in original packaging.

Greenlight 1/18th scale cars
Click here to see the growing line of 1/18th scale police vehicles made by Greenlight.

Greenlight 1/24th scale cars
Click here to see the growing line of 1/24th scale cars made by Greenlight.

Greenlight 1/43rd scale cars
Click here to see the ever growing line of 1/43rd scale cars made by Greenlight.

Greenlight Ambulances 1/64th scale
Click here to view and purchase ambulances made by Greenlight. They are 1/64th scale and usually come from the H-D Trucks series.

This page displays and sells Helicopters made by a variety of manufacturers.

Jada Police Products
Police cars made by JADA can be found on this page.

Johnny Lightning - Matchbox - Hot Wheels 1:64 Scale
Click here to see the Johnny Lightning, Matchbox and Hot Wheel PD cars for sale in 1:64 scale.

Take a look at the Eagle Eye Knives for sale. Currently there are several models to chose from.

Light Bars - Push Bars
This category page was added on July 18, 2009. All light bars and push bars to date are for 1:24th scale cars.

Matchbox Cars
All Matchbox cars in stock.

Matchbox Cruisers
The cars on this page are all made by Matchbox and are 1:64 scale. All cars are diecast.

Click here to see Police Motorcycles for sale.

Motormax Cars
Click here to see the Motormax cars for sale! New as of December 3, 2005.

If you are looking for Motormax Blanks, go to the Blank Car Category.

Visit here to see prototypes and other One-Of-A-Kind cars and packaging. These are not for sale, just being displayed here to share with the general public. I own all of these cars and proudly display them as part of my diecast collection.

Oakwood PD Charger
This is the new Oakwood PD Charger. I am exploring the possibility of having it made through First Response or Greenlight. Click and take a look.

Patches from numerous law enforcement agencies. Hundreds from which to choose. Priced to move!

Plastic Model Kits
Plastic model kits of law enforcement vehicles. ALL kits in this category require assembly.

Racing Champions
All remaining Racing Champions Police USA cars in stock are a click away.

Road Champs Cars
Click here to view all categories of Road Champs cars

Scratch and Dent
Want a car with a minor imperfection at a greatly reduced price? Can you add a spotlight, a light bar, a decal, a mirror, or can you just live with the scratch or mark and still have a pretty good car for a lot less money? If so, click here and see what you can pick up for a fraction of the original price.

SpecCast cars - 1/64th scale
Click here to see cars made by SpecCast. These were commissioned by the now-defunct Evers Toy Store in Iowa. All cars were 1/64th scale.

Click here to see some nice sunglasses that compare to national brands without the national price tag.

White Rose Police Products
Look here for Police Cars, Police Helicopters made by the White Rose/Fleer Company.

zz - Sold Out Items
Any item listed here is currently sold out.

$9.951086 Road Champs St. Louis Fire Department Tele-Squrt Ladder Truck
$9.951087 Road Champs Washington, DC Fire Department Tele-Squrt Ladder Truck
$3.951088 Road Champs Sounds of Power Chicago Fire Department Snorkel

$27.99zz-cu-fr-lasotemplehills-charger-dw SOLD OUT - L.A. County Sheriff - Temple Hills Division - Dodge Charger FRR custom (pictured)
$10.00zz-cu-wheatfcvk9-wd SOLD OUT - Wheaton FCV K9 Gearbox Custom (pictured)
$11.95zz-rc-mi-96 SOLD OUT - Road Champ - Michigan Chevy 1996 (pictured)

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