Model: gb-un-longboatkey
Long Boat Key, FL FCV Premier #27244 -by Gearbox (pictured)

This Gearbox Cruiser comes in the original Gearbox box but does not have a number stamped on the bottom of the box.

When a car was scheduled to be made by Gearbox, the factory in China would make 3 prototypes and send them to Gearbox (2) and the police agency (1) for approval.

Once the prototype was approved, the factory would make 1 case of cars (12) and send them overnight to Gearbox for inspection. These 12 were called pre-ocean shipment samples. Once received by Gearbox, they checked them for accuracy and consistency and if they were OK, Gearbox then authorized the full run to be made. The pre-ocean cars came in the authorized box but did not have numbers stamped on the bottom. These samples were then locked away in an archive room in the Gearbox building in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

When Gearbox closed, I made a deal with the owner of the company and purchased these cars. The cases had between 1 and 12 cars in each case as many of these cars were used as samples at IACP, Sheriff and other shows around the county throughout the past 12 years.

This is your opportunity to purchase one of twelve cars made in this manner. Quantities vary on each pre-ocean sample listing. There could be 1, there could be 12.

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