10 new items a day will be added to this page beginning on October 20, 2011. I have a total of 800 new items to list so please keep checking every day or so for new items. As items sell, they will be removed.

$13.95bn-corgi-pdcar Corgi Police (pictured)
$17.95bn-nypd-cu-van NYPD Paddy Wagon Custom (pictured)
$16.99cu-fredcmw124-wd Frederick County S.O., MD Classic Metal Works 1:24 FCV Custom (pictured)
$19.99danburymint-1949mercury 1949 Mercury Cruiser - by Danbury Mint (pictured)
$12.99eligor-1932-ford 1932 Ford ''Tudor'' USA Police Cruiser - by Eligor (pictured)
$5.95kinsmart-aa-viper Kinsmart - 1:35 scale - Dodge Viper with Pull Back Wheel Action (pictured)
$7.99m-bn-nill-tin Northern Illinois Police Alarm Response Team MT-55 Van - by Tins Toys (pictured)
$24.99m-camden-rye-nmm Camden PD 1964 Ford - RYE PD 1958 Ford - 2 pack - National Motor Mart 1:32 scale (pictured)
$2.69m-chisox Chicago White Sox - 1999 Ertyl (pictured)
$10.99m-chp49-mmax CHP 1949 Ford Coupe - by Motormax in 1:24 scale (pictured)
$3.79m-cleveindians Cleveland Indians PT Cruiser by White Rose-Fleer (pictured)
$9.99m-corgi-pdvan Corgi Police Van (pictured)
$13.95m-corgipdvan Corgi - Police Van (pictured)
$15.99m-dallas-mb Dallas Police 1912 Ford Model T - Matchbox Collectible (pictured)
$13.95m-fairview-nmm Town of Fairview Police 1940 Ford - 1:32 scale - National Motor Mart (pictured)
$7.95m-fdny-39 FDNY - 1939 Chevy - by Days Gone (pictured)
$7.99m-feuerwehr-tin Feuerwehr Wasserrttung MT-55 Van - by Tin Toys (pictured)
$5.99m-fife Barney Fife Light Switch (pictured)
$7.99m-huntgton-tin Huntington County S.O. MT-55 Van - by Tin Toys (pictured)
$3.99m-ironmt-rc Iron Mountain FD 1950 Ford Coupe - by Racing Champions (pictured)
$5.29m-jada-09vette Jada - 2009 Corvette Concept Cruiser (#010)(pictured)
$5.29m-jada-350z Jada - 2003 Nissan 350Z (#022)(pictured)
$7.99m-marion-tins Tins Toys - Marion County SWA MT-55 Van 1:64 scale (pictured)
$7.99m-milw-medic Days Gone - Vanguard - 1953 Milwaulkee Ambulance (pictured)
$9.99m-morris-96873 Corgi - Morris Minor Traveller 96873 (pictured)
$7.99m-morris-jvan Corgi Classics D983 Morris J Van (pictured)
$12.99m-nsw-austin Vanguard - Austin Mini NSW - Corgi (pictured)
$7.99m-pal-tin Police Athletic League (PAL) MT-55 Van - by Tin Toys (pictured)
$12.99m-parkway-nmm County Parkway Police 1949 Mercury - 1:32 scale - National Motor Mart (pictured)
$7.99m-piccolo-shuco Shuco - Piccolo Trend Limited Edtion 1:87 scale Cruiser (pictured)

$2.99de-microscale-templetx Temple, TX - Microscale 1:43 & 1:24 Scale Decals (pictured)
$27.50gb-pr-holyoke Gearbox - Holyoke, Mass FCV Premier (pictured)
$3.79zz-gr-1970rrunner-gl SOLD OUT - 1970 Plymouth Road Runner - Black Bandit Series - by Greenlight (pictured)

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