1:64 Scale Cars

Click here to see a variety of 1:64 scale cars. Some cars will be new, some will be used. Each car description will specify the condition of each car for sale.

$1.9964-029 Matchbox - Black and White Cruiser Unit 6 (pictured)
$1.29zz-64-005 SOLD OUT - Hot Wheels - Police Anti-Drug Unit (pictured)
$1.59zz-64-038 SOLD OUT - Hot Wheels - B/W Cruiser w/yellow star (pictured)

$5.49rc-chp-98 Road Champs - California Highway Patrol 1998 FCV (pictured)
$5.99zz-419 SOLD OUT - Road Champs - California Highway Patrol/CHP Caprice, 1997 plate (pictured)
$13.00zz-989 SOLD OUT - Road Champs - New York State Police Caprice, blank plate (pictured - LOOSE, LIGHTER BLUE CAR, HAS RED GLASS)

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