Blank Cars

BLANK FIRST RESPONSE CARS are located on the First Response Car Pages.

These are Blank Cars that can be used for making custom cars.

I try to carry blank cars that are currently available from all of the companies I deal with.

Currently in stock as of February 2014 are: Gearbox White FCVs, Motormax 1:18 and 1:24 scale Fords, White 1:43 scale older Tahoes and Hummers. White Redbox 1:43 scale Fords.

The Blank Gearbox cars have the same features as all Gearbox cars made for all the State, City and Premier editions.

Prices vary from $5.00 to $24.99 depending on the make and scale.

$28.99MM-118-bwbase Motormax 1/18th scale blank black and white FCV (pictured - WITH plastic base)
$27.99MM-118-bw Motormax 1:18 scale Black and White FCV (pictured)
$27.99MM-118-whfcv Motormax 1:18 scale White FCV (pictured)
$8.99MM-blankblackandwhiteUtility Blank black and white Ford Police Interceptor Utility - by MotorMax (pictured)
$8.99MM-blankwhiteUtility Blank white Ford Police Interceptor Utility - by MotorMax (pictured)
$5.00wr-hummer-blank White Rose - H2 Hummer Blank White 2003 Model (pictured)

$5.99rc-miamibeach-98 Road Champs - Miami Beach, FL 1998 FCV (pictured)
$27.99zz-cu-fr-friscotahoe-bh SOLD OUT - Frisco, TX Police Chevrolet Tahoe custom (pictured)
$23.95zz-fr-14pi-toronto SOLD OUT - Toronto, Ontario, Canada Police 2014 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan - by First Response (pictured)

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