Model: rc-pr-charmec-96
Road Champs - Charlotte-Mecklenberg Ford 1996 (pictured)

This is a Road Champ die-cast police car that replicates the actual vehicle used on the street in this particular jurisdiction. The car is 1:43 scale, (approximately 4-5 inches in length). It has functional front doors and trunk. The decals on 99% of the models are actually painted on top of the base color of the vehicle, with 1% of the cars having decals for graphics. There is a light bar on the top of most cruisers. Late model cruisers may have spotlights and antennas. Most models are either late model Ford Crown Victorias, or late 1990 model Cheverolets. Cars made early in the series were produced in lots of 10,000. That number was reduced to 5000 in the late 1990's, then 3000 from year 2001 forward. Premier cars, issued directly to an individual or specific agency (for them to sell) were issued in lots of 2592. Most state and city cars come in cardboard backed blister packs, most premiers come in small white cardboard boxes the exact size of the car. There are a few variations in packaging. Higher priced cars usually signify the difficulty in obtaining that particular issue, or signifies that the issue has sold out. The car pictured is the Charlotte Mecklenberg 1995, the 1996 has an ""096"" on the roof. Both cars are available for sale.

Car Type: Crown Victoria
Year On Plate: 1996

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