Gearbox Collectibles Cars

Click here to see all categories of Gearbox Collectibles police cars.

Antique Gas Pumps - 1/25th scale
Click here to see a variety of Gearbox gas pump replicas from the 1920s to the 1950s.

City Cars
These are Gearbox police vehicles which represent city agencies in the United States. Click here to view and purchase from remaining stock.

Loose Gearbox cars
Loose, out of package cars from Gearbox.

Low Numbered Cars or Unstamped Boxes
This category of Gearbox cars includes cars that have no numbers stamped on the bottom of their boxes or are numbered between 002/0002 and 012/0012 (which are in the first case of each production run for all cars made. See separate category for cars with serial #001/0001.

Military Police Cars
Click here to see all the Military Police vehicles producedby Gearbox.

Miscellaneous Police Vehicles
Click here to see miscellaneous police vehicles from Federal, County, or other jurisdictions. Whatever doesn't fit under City, State, Premier, Custom, Military, or Tribal Police can be found here.

Premier Cars
These cars were issued directly to each agency. All sales were controlled by the agency that sponsored the premier issue. Click here to see the remaining Gearbox premiers for sale.

Serial #001 Cars
Every car listed on this page is a brand new Gearbox cruiser in the original package with the serial number of 001 or 0001 stamped on the bottom of the box. Own any of these and you have the very first issue of that specific car.

State Cars
Gearbox cars which depict State Police, State Patrol, or Highway Patrol cars for most of the 50 states of the United States.

Tribal Police Vehicles
Click here to see all remaining Tribal Police cruisers made by Gearbox. Limited to stock on hand.

$2.99*021 Des Moines, Iowa 1997 Ford
$59.99cu-124-killeen-lights ***NEW*** Custom 1/24th scale Killeen, Texas Police Ford Police Interceptor Utility (MotorMax car - with working lights)
$9.99zz-de-kennedale SOLD OUT - Kennedale, TX - Full Sheet (pictured)

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