Greenlight - Hot Pursuit Series -
Greenlight Hot Pursuit Series 21

Any and all cars from Greenlight Hot Pursuit Series 21. Cars in this series were released in January 2017.

$6.00GL-HP21-Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia Police 2008 Ford Crown Victoria (pictured)
$6.00GL-HP21-AuburnHills Auburn Hills, Michigan Police 2014 Ram 1500 Pickup Truck (pictured)
$6.00GL-HP21-CHPMonaco California Highway Patrol 1974 Dodge Monaco (pictured)
$6.00GL-HP21-CHPMustang California Highway Patrol 1990 Ford Mustang SSP (pictured)
$6.00GL-HP21-NYPDshowcar NYPD 2014 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan (Vintage Show Car - pictured)
$32.95GL-HP21-set Greenlight Hot Pursuit Series 21 6-car set (pictured)

$2.99Ptch 200(T) Hopkinsville, KY (pictured)
$3.99lbar-push-lb Push Bar - 1:24 scale (pictured)
$10.00zz-cu-lawimp-wd SOLD OUT - Lawrence, Kansas Gearbox Impala Custom (pictured)

Item(s) Total Amount Quantity
GL-HP21-CHPMustang - California Highway Patrol 1990 Ford Mustang SSP (pictured) @ $6.00 ea.
Total Amount: $42.00 .

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