Visit here to see prototypes and other One-Of-A-Kind cars and packaging. These are not for sale, just being displayed here to share with the general public. I own all of these cars and proudly display them as part of my diecast collection.

$500.00museum 001 IACP 2004 LAPD Impala (pictured)
$500.00museum 002 Nassua Highway Patrol Prototype FCV Road Champ (pictured)
$500.00museum 003 Norfolk Sheriff Road Champ Prototype (pictured)
$500.00museum 004 Real Heroes Road Champ Prototype Packaging (pictured)
$500.00museum 005 Anne Arundel Prototype Premier (1 of 2 made) (pictured)
$500.00museum 006 Impala Millenium Road Champ (pictured)
$500.00museum 007 California Highway Patrol GOLD FCV (pictured)
$500.00museum 008 9 Pack - Road Champs (pictured)
$500.00museum 009 8 pack - Road Champs (pictured)
$500.00museum 010 15 pack (pictured)
$500.00museum 011 Boulder, CO 1:18 scale FCV Custom (pictured)
$500.00museum 012 Cape Carteret Road Champ Prototype (pictured)
$500.00museum 013 Ephrata Boro Road Champ Prototype (pictured)
$500.00museum 014 Coquille Tribal Road Champ Prototype (pictured)
$500.00museum 015 Maumee, OH Road Champ Prototype (pictured)
$500.00museum 016 George Mason Road Champ Prototype (pictured)
$500.00museum 017 Palm Beach Garden Road Champ Prototype (pictured)
$500.00museum 018 Ulster County Impala Road Champ Prototype (pictured)
$500.00museum 019 Miami, FL with Collector's Pin (Pictured)
$500.00museum 020 Chicago Suburban Road Champ Prototype (pictured)
$500.00museum 021 Ohio State Patrol 1:18 scale by John Hall (pictured)
$500.00museum 022 IACP 2005 Miami, FL Gearbox Expedition (pictured)
$500.00museum 023 Pennsylvania State Police 1:18 scale (pictured)
$500.00museum 024 Ford Motor Company Gearbox (pictured)
$500.00museum 025 Dayton, OH PD Gearbox Prototype (pictured)
$500.00museum 026 Riverside, OH Gearbox Prototype (pictured)
$500.00museum 027 Iowa League of Cities (pictured)
$500.00museum 028 United States Park Police Gearbox Premier (pictured)
$500.00museum 029 IACP 2006 - Boston PD Gearbox FCV (pictured)
$500.00museum 030 Orange County, CA Gearbox Premier (pictured)

$2.99*028D New Orleans, LA 1997 Ford
$10.00zz-cu-titfcvng-wd SOLD OUT - Titusville, FL FCV Gearbox Custom - New Graphics (pictured)
$9.99zz-wb-rc-volusiaco SOLD OUT - Volusia County SO, FL FCV Premier - by Road Champs (pictured)

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