Decals by Bilbozo

BILL SMITH'S DECALS (all $12.50 per sheet decals) CAN BE MADE IN 1/18th, 1/24th, and 1/43rd SCALE. 1/64th scale decals are available. Contact me directly for information about those.

PLEASE NOTE - ALL orders for Bilbozo decals are sent to Bill the same day they are received. They are shipped from his address in Canada. Normal turnaround time is 10-14 days.

Please be aware that Bilbozo decals should only be used on white or light colored cars. They will not be visible if applied to dark colored cars.


Click here to go to all of the decals I have for sale. These are used to customize blank cars.

These are waterslide decals made by Bill Smith of Bilbozo Decals. I do not carry these in stock.

Overseas customers please note: On April 1, 2014 Canada Post imposed significant rate hikes on postage for items shipped outside of North America. For example, postage for 2 sheets of decals to Europe now costs $20.30. These rate hikes make it financially difficult for Bill Smith, owner of Bilbozo, to ship directly to customers overseas.

To provide better service for our friends overseas, we have made the decision to change the way we will handle shipment of Bilbozo decals to these customers. We have determined it is actually less expensive to have the decals sent to me, and then I forward them overseas.

Effective 10 May 2014, I request that all overseas customers wanting to order Bilbozo decals contact me first with their order information, i.e. what decals they wish to order and in what scale. I will then figure shipping costs and send the customer a PayPal invoice for the order. When payment is received, the order will be immediately transmitted to Bilbozo who will then process the order and ship it to me. I will then ship the decals to our overseas customers.

Bill and I understand this process will result in increased wait time for overseas decal orders as well as increased shipping costs. However, both of us realize there is considerable interest in Bill's decals around the world and we simply did not want to disappoint any of his loyal customers because of a decision made beyond his control. These changes does NOT in any way affect sales of Bilbozo Decals in the United States; orders for those will continue to be processed as they always have.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need clarification of this new ordering process.

$15.00de-bilbozo-CanadianMega1 1/64th scale Canadian Agencies Dodge Charger Mega-Pack #1 (pictured)
$15.00de-bilbozo-CanadianMega2 1/64th scale Canadian Agencies Dodge Charger Mega-Pack #2 (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-alaska Alaska State Patrol - New Graphic Decals - Full sheet (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-albertanewstar Alberta Sheriff, Canada - Decals - Full Set (pictured) NEW 2-18-11
$12.50de-bilbozo-albertasheriff Alberta Sheriff, Canada - Decals - Full Set (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-albuquerque Albuquerque, NM Decals - Full Sheet - NEW 2012 (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-alexandria Alexandria, VA Decals - Full sheet (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-allentx Allen, TX Decals - Full Sheet - NEW 2012 (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-amitytwsppa Amity Township, PA Decals - Full sheet (Pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-amtrak Amtrak Police Charger Decals - Full Sheet (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-andover Andover Twsp, NJ Decals - Full Sheet - NEW 2012 (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-arizona Arizona Department of Public Safety Decals - Full sheet (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-arkansas Arkansas State Patrol Decals - Full sheet (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-atf ATF - Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms - Decals - Full Sheet (pictured) NEW !
$12.50de-bilbozo-atlanticcity Atlantic City, NJ - Decals - Full Sheet (pictured) NEW !
$12.50de-bilbozo-avalon Avalon, NJ - Decals - Full Set (pictured) NEW !
$12.50de-bilbozo-baltimore Baltimore PD, MD - Decals - Full Sheet (pictured) NEW!
$12.50de-bilbozo-bc-amb-chg British Columbia Ambulance Service EMS Charger Decals - Full Sheet - NEW 2012 (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-bc British Columbia S.O. Decals - Full sheet (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-bellco Bell County, TX Sheriff - Decals - Full Sheet (pictured) NEW!
$12.50de-bilbozo-blackfoot Blackfoot, Idaho Decals - Full Sheet - NEW 2012 (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-bombswat Bomb Squad and SWAT Decals - Full sheet (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-booneco Boone County S.O., KY Decals - Full sheet (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-bpnew Border Patrol (U.S.) NEW Graphic Decals - Full sheet (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-bpold Border Patrol (U.S.) OLD Graphic Decals - Full sheet (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-bricktwsp Brick Twsp, NJ Decals - Full sheet (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-britcolintgrdsafty British Columbia Integrated Road Safety, Canada - Full sheet (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-browardold Broward County Sheriiff, FL - Decals - Full sheet (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-buia Bureau of Indian Affairs Decals - Full Sheet (pictured)
$12.50de-bilbozo-calgary Calgary, Canada Decals - Full sheet (pictured)

$12.50de-bilbozo-lexington Lexington, KY Decals - Full Sheet - NEW 2012 (pictured)
$10.00zz-cu-simi-wd SOLD OUT - Simi Valley, CA - Gearbox FCV Custom (pictured)
$7.99zz-wb-rc-poughkeepsie SOLD OUT - Road Champ - Poughkeepsie, NY 2001 FCV (pictured)

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