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Brian Herold is the new owner of this website as of August 20, 2012. Brian can be reached at or 1300 Mount Pleasant Road | Kingston Springs, Tennessee | United States | 37082 or 615-618-7666.

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I moved the website to a new server in early 2010. The site now runs faster and pictures load much quicker.

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FIVE ONGOING SPECIALS - $9.99 / $5.00 / $8.49.

SPECIAL #1 - $5.00 for a Grand Junction, CO. Road Champ FCV Premier. Find them on the Road Champ Premier Car Page or Click here to go straight to it!

SPECIAL #2 - $9.99 for a Marion County S.O., Indiana Gearbox Premier. Find them on the Gearbox Premier Car Page in the Online Store or Click here to go straight to it!

SPECIAL #3 - $5.00 for a Florida Highway Patrol 60th Anniversary Road Champ FCV Premier. Find them on the Road Champ Premier Car Page in the Online Store or Click here to go straight to it!

SPECIAL #4 - $8.49 for a Blank White Road Champ car perfect for custom builders. Find them on the "Specials" Car Page in the Online Store or Click Here to go straight to it!

SPECIAL #5 - $9.99 for a Blank White Road Champ car and 1 decal sheet ($2.99 sheet or less from the Decals in Stock Page) - a perfect match for custom builders. Find this deal on the "Specials" Car Page in the Online Store or Click Here to go straight to it!


Centerville, OH Gearbox Premier - $15.95

500 issued in 2003, 27 still available as of December 27, 2013. Click here to order 1 of the remaining 27 cars.

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This is your "one-stop-shop" website for purchasing First Response Replicas, Gearbox, Road Champs, White Rose, Code 3 and other Die-Cast Police Cars and other police related items (Police patches, figurines, etc).

This site is the home of the former C.R.A.M. website.
(Conroy's Road Champ After Market)

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Check out the "Online Store" categories for all of your favorite cars. There are 85 Category Pages with dozens to hundreds of items on each page. Some of the favorites are the "Bargain Car Pages" that sell open, out of the package die-cast police cars at fractions of the original prices.


Website Founder information: Conroy's Cruisers was founded by Walt Conroy. He is a retired Police Officer who worked and lives in the Dayton, Ohio area. Walt had 26 1/2 years on the job and retired on July 28, 2006.

Walt began collecting die-cast police cars in 1995. He began selling his extras when he realized he had accumulated thousands of extra models. You will not find a better website to work with. We ship all products the morning after receiving orders for anything in stock. If an item is listed, it is supposed to be in stock.

I have a "Comment Page" that was established in 2008 which allows customers to make comments on my Online Store business. Click here if you would like to take a look or make a comment.

All sales that will ship to addresses within the USA ship via U.S. Priority Mail or FedEx. Sales made outside of the USA ship 1st Class International Mail if the package weighs less then 4 pounds, over 4 pounds ships via US Priority Mail. VERY IMPORTANT NEXT SENTENCE: This website calculates all shipping rates based as if you have ordered from within the USA. There will be additional postage required for orders shipped outside of the United States. I charge what I am charged to ship, there is no markup or handling charges. Additional postage charges are made known to the customer once the order is placed. If you want to know ahead of time, send an e-mail and I will let you know what shipping charges you should expect.

I ship regularly to all 50 States, Canada, France, the U.K., and Australia (and have customers in many other countries including Latvia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, New Zealand and Russia) and have thousands of references if you wish to check before placing an order. If you want to speak to some of my customers, e-mail me and I will put you in touch.

I often sell on eBay, and you can check out my feedback there under the eBay selling name of bdhsat. As of December 2015, I have 1110 feedbacks, with a 100% rating and a 5 Star rating under eBay's new rating system. I have NEVER received a neutral or negative feedback from an eBay customer. Ninety-nine percent of my sales are made directly off this website but the eBay feedback area will give you a sense of security if you are a first time buyer from this site.

Shop right here for your favorite die-cast police products. My Website features First Response Replicas, Gearbox, White Rose, and Road Champ die-cast police cars. I also buy back police car collections. Order and pay here through paypal and through the shopping cart feature.

The goal of this site is to provide great selection, low prices and the best customer service you will find.

If you can not find exactly what you need or need to reach me for any reason, PLEASE contact me by using the "
contact us" form. Click here right here to get to it. Be sure to include your email address if you send in a request, your address does not always show up on the form I receive.

There is a search feature in the Online Store. Do not be too specific when you use it, if you are looking for a Gearbox 2002 Detroit City, Michigan Ford Crown Vic, just type in the word - detroit. That will find it, adding too many words will "NOT" find what you are looking for.

You may also contact me by calling 1-615-618-7666 for answers to your questions, (my main email address is ((which is checked several times a day)) or a secondary e-mail address is is only checked every other day but is maintained for back up purposes). If you do not hear back from me within 24 hours, something is wrong. I answer ALL e-mails.

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This front page was last updated on December 16, 2015. The Product News page is updated EVERYDAY! Go there (The Product News Tab)to read all of the up to the minute news!

This website conducts business under Cheatham County, State of Tennessee Vendor's License #20940

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